Programming Languages

Paradigm: Object-oriented, imperative, functional, procedural, reflective
Typing discipline: Duck, dynamic, strong

Paradigm: Multi-paradigm: Object-oriented, imperative, functional, reflective
Typing discipline: Duck, dynamic, strong

Paradigm: Imperative (procedural), structured
Typing discipline: Static, weak, manifest, nominal

Paradigm: Multi-paradigm: procedural, functional, object-oriented, generic
Typing discipline: Static, nominative, partially inferred

Paradigm: Structured, imperative, object-oriented, event-driven, task-driven, functional, generic, reflective, concurrent
Typing discipline: Static, dynamic, strong, safe, nominative, partially inferred

Paradigm: Multi-paradigm, functional, imperative, object-oriented (class-based), reflective, procedural, event-driven, generic
Typing discipline: Dynamic

Paradigm: Multi-paradigm: object-oriented (class-based), structured, imperative, generic, reflective, concurrent
Typing discipline: Static, strong, safe, nominative, manifest

Paradigm: Imperative, functional, object-oriented, procedural, reflective
Typing discipline: Dynamic, weak

Kali Linux: Ruby Gem Bundler Errors (Ruby libraries) for Metasploit

An error occurred while installing pcaprub (0.12.4), and Bundler cannot
Make sure that `gem install pcaprub -v '0.12.4'` succeeds before bundling.

This occurs during the installation process for Bundled Gems in Metasploit and within its local Git repository, e.g.:

cd ~/git/metasploit-framework/
bundle install

Note, ~/git/metasploit-framework/ is my locally defined directory for my Github repository in Kali Linux.

In the top example (see above), the error effects the “pcaprub” Gem. To fix this issue, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev

This will install the package for libpcap-dev (development library for libpcap) – libpcap-dev Debian package

Once the libpcap-dev package has been installed, the bundle install command can be ran:

cd ~/git/metasploit-framework/
bundle install

Note, for other Gem installation errors during bundle install, it is likely to be an issue with missing packages in your system. The missing packages can be installed via sudo apt-get install [package_name].

Metasploit Exploit Module Template (Ruby)

# This module requires Metasploit:
# Current source:

require 'msf/core'

class MetasploitModule < Msf::Exploit::Remote Rank = NormalRanking def initialize(info={}) super(update_info(info, 'Name' => "[Vendor] [Software] [Root Cause] [Vulnerability type]",
'Description' => %q{
Say something that the user might need to know
'License' => MSF_LICENSE,
'Author' => [ 'Name' ],
'References' =>
[ 'URL', '' ]
'Platform' => 'win',
'Targets' =>
[ 'System or software version',
'Ret' => 0x41414141 # This will be available in `target.ret`
'Payload' =>
'BadChars' => "\x00"
'Privileged' => false,
'DisclosureDate' => "",
'DefaultTarget' => 0))

def check
# For the check command

def exploit
# Main function